Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Workshops Offered by Bernard Fallon

Destination: Art is pleased to welcome back Bernard Fallon!

Bernard Fallon, long-time member of South Bay art community. 

Workshops Coming up by Bernard Fallon

Increase Your Ability to Make Better Paintings from your Photographs.
With this step by step workshop you will learn valuable techniques to improve and alter your photographs tp create better paintings.

Topics include: How the primary colors that make your photos are different from your color pigments.
Preliminary sketches
Adjusting the distortion of camera lenses.
The photo has too much detail - so leave it out.
Taking photos for future paintings.
The 4 ingredients of painting: Value, Temperature, Hue and Intensity. Photographing your artwork -- not just with a camera!

The Workshop is open to all artists in all painting mediums. Beginners welcome. Please bring a selection of photographs that you have taken. Laptops, ipads and any cameras are welcome.

Workshop fee is $75 and is limited in size.  
         October 10,  9.30am to 4.30pmNoon lunch break.
         Contact Sue Kuuskmae to reserve your spot.

Landscape by Bernard Fallon

Still Life Workshop
Saturday December 5th 20159.30am - 4.30pm

This workshop is open to all artists including beginners, with an emphasis on composition and lighting.
We will begin with a demonstration to explain dynamic complementaries and subtle harmonies. Topics also include the importance of shadows and their colors, choice of subject, and creating spacial illusion.

Friendly critiques, good company and a noon-time lunch break.

Workshop fee is $75 and is limited in size.  All painting mediums welcome.
            Contact Sue Kuuskmae to reserve your spot.
Still Life by Bernard Fallon