Thursday, September 3, 2015

Travel Sketchbooks

Are you looking for a way to bring home special memories from your vacation travels?

Mike Ishikawa has always brings home great memories of his travels in the form of sketchbooks.

Shikoku Pilgrimage, ink, Mike Ishikawa,
Photo by Susan Lilly
Mike has traveled all over the world and brought back sketches of many famous sights. Originally an architect, Mike is now a fine artist in the pastel medium.  Mike has facilitated several workshops on pastel painting at Destination: Art.  Now he has planned a special workshop on how to make sketches either on location or from your vacation photos. Using first pencil, then black markers, Mike will show you how to turn the sights from your vacation into a memorable sketchbook collection.
Mike Ishikawa, Photo by Gloria Plascencia
Pen and Ink Drawing and Journaling - Mike Ishikawa
Record your vacation sketches with simple techniques.
Saturday, September 26      
9:30AM - 3PM

Contact: Sue Kuuskmae